Writing in expanded form

So let me write all the different ways to think about it.

expanded form math 2nd grade

And you see, every time you move to the left, you move one place to the left, you're multiplying by You can imagine if these were chips, kind of poker chips, that would represent one of the blue poker chips and each blue poker chip represents 10, Have your students practice with the numbers 29, 83, 74, and Guided Practice Write the number 67 on the chart or board.

The tens place is still the next column to the left.

expanded form with decimals

The number in the ones slot keeps increasing until it hits 9; then the tens value goes up, and the ones value resets to zero. You could literally imagine you have 9 actual tens. Place Value Examples If you keep counting, you'll notice that the digits in the ones column change first.

writing numbers in expanded form worksheet
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