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The vampire powers that Dracula invokes does have that characteristic of strength.

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He shows great bravery, selflessness, and inquisitiveness throughout the book, yet at the same time becoming a symbol of strength to the people he knew. The basic background of the book Dracula is when Jonathan Harker, a realtor who is sent to Transylvania to complete a transaction with Dracula so he can come to England.

Discoveries made in technology, natural sciences, medicine and biology overturned former views and ideas about the surrounding world destroying religious dogmas which dominated consciousness of Europeans for centuries. From its bleak and hopeless tones to its spectacular cast, Dracula approaches all of its material with the utmost care to create a truly chilling experience These interpretations often require a great deal of knowledge in psychology, political science, anthropology, and other non-literary disciplines.

The ideas surrounding vampires has been of good versus evil, the nature of religion and immortality.

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Later Harker nevertheless discovered that Dracula had diabolic nature and that he was a leader of vampires as local people told him.

This essay will be about who Dracula enticed women, how his detainer was unsettling and demonic.

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